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A Time For Choosing…Choose Wisely

I’m smack in the middle of the mix concerning the presidential primaries. I’ve been on social media, and on sites, news stations, watching every debate (I even watched the last Democrat debate…shudder), and have been doing due diligence in trying to select my candidate.  Thing is, I’ve been doing it for a couple of years now.  To those who have kept up with me via social media, it’s no secret that I’ve elected to throw my support to Ted Cruz.  I have my reasons, and there are quite a few of them, but the point of this piece is not to convince you to join me…although I think it would be great if you did!  No, I have an entirely other purpose in mind.  Just a bit of advice as we commence with the actual primaries next week:


Choose wisely.


Don’t give in to emotionalism, nationalism, populism, and make a decision based upon your current level of anger.  A lot of us are angry, and rightly so.  I totally get that.  The temptation to “burn it all down” is hard to resist.  We’ve seen lies, betrayals, backstabbing, collusion rather than competition, a debt that is further saddling our children and grandchildren with burdens they won’t be able to bear.  A Constitution that is increasingly being shredded right under our noses.  Our rights, given by God, not by government, being trampled underfoot.  And a bunch of politicians who made promises that got them elected…then did the exact opposite of what they promised.


It’s infuriating.  I, too, feel the desire to take up the pitchforks and torches and join the loud chorus of the lynch mob: “HANG ‘EM ALL!”


But take great care, because there’s a very real risk in such an emotional response:  We are in danger of throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


What do I mean?  What I mean is this:  In and among all those traitorous politicians who have sold us a bill of goods, then failed to deliver, among the power hungry and entrenched mass that we like to call “establishment”, there are several principled men and women who have been fighting an uphill battle to right the ship.  They have been consistently conservative, perpetually principled, and have been sounding the clarion call.  They are being ignored by a very loud, very angry mob who seek to supplant every last politician with something else.  They scream of “change”.


Thing is, we’ve heard this bit before, remember?


In 2008.


The problem with simply “wanting change” for the sake of change is that there’s no real vision for what that means.  And “where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained”. JUST THROW THE BUMS OUT AND CHANGE STUFF!  The danger with that somewhat understandable refrain is that we have already learned that change without a clear vision and remembrance of what America is, what it was founded to be, can lead us down a road of forever altering what America is, what makes it great.

“Making America great again” requires more than talk.  More than slogans and fire and brimstone and political incorrectness and bluster and twitter wars.  It requires remembering what made it great in the first place.  It requires articulating, in great detail, the pathway back to greatness.  It demands a vision of specificity.  And those who would like to have America be great again must not be taken in by rhetoric, but must rather look at record.


As I said, yes, I support Cruz.

But you don’t have to.


Just support detailed plans for a return to greatness.  “We’ll do so much winning, you’ll honestly get tired of winning..trust me” isn’t a plan.  Bluster isn’t a pathway.  We need a leader who understands his/her Constitutional mandates AND his/her Constitutional limitations.  There is a way our Republic works, and it doesn’t work any other way.  We don’t need another “pen and phone” president, even if we agree with him.    We need our Constitutional Republic to be restored.

So what’s my point?

My point is this:  Support a vision for America that keeps Constitutional adherence at the forefront.  As a non-negotiable.  Don’t fall for more or different “bread and circuses”.  Don’t be swayed by empty rhetoric, or pep rally, “rah-rah” hot air.  Look at records.  Be very diligent.  Because we are on a precipice unlike any in our history.

And we need principled, steady, Constitutionally-minded public servants who will knit this torn fabric of our nation back together.


Not burn it down.


It is a time for choosing…choose wisely.




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